Our Recent Projects

We have successfully completed an impressive variety of Stair projects. Our management processes have significantly benefited from the experience we have gained in project management. We now employ systems and methods that have been honed by our many years in the business.


This project list demonstrates our ability to manage and construct a huge variety of jobs for clients in all sectors. We also believe that the examples given below exemplify our philosophy of achieving great results by keeping things simple.


Monumental Stairs at Fox studios

Owner: Fox studios Baja

La Mesa Industries 

Lobby stairs Project.

A focal point on the 

lobby at this manu-

facturing plant.

A floating stair on a Main Lobby overhangs on top of an ornamental landscaped area. The transparency of the stair opens the space visually and lets alot more light in this otherwise small area.

Pacifica Loft Stair

A self supporting Helicoidal Stair on a Luxury Loft. A focal point centered on this open design Loft, the fourth step extends to become a radiused bar countertop with a recessed granite surface.

 The stairs first step is a complete 360 degree floating, marble plattform wich serves as a base for the structure.

La Cuspide Model Home

Tri-level Model home, two stairs, one on top of the other demonstrates our versatil self-supporting systems for a floating stair.